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'I believe', world's first 3D documentary on the Creed, is applaused in Spiritual Cinema Festival PDF Print E-mail

The documentary 'I Believe', produced by Spanish independent company Global3DSolutions, is meant to be the first ever movie on the Catholic Creed, being shooted in 3D. Its first part, called 'I Believe in God' was released to the audience today in Barcelona, as a part of the IXth Spiritual Cinema Festival programme. The 240 people attending the exhibition were eager to show its deep appreciation for the images, words and music exhibited.


The audience, wearing anaglyph glasses and ready to watch "I Believe"

The version released today was displayed in anaglyph format (i.e. to be watched with typical blue-and-red glasses), however the final version is being developed in high-definition full color. All attendees were provided with the necessary glasses.

Prior to the exhibition, Dr. Peio Sanchez -director of the Festival- stressed the opportunity and interest of this documentary, and showed himself convinded of the usefulness of this 'tool for the New Evangelization'. After the projection, a number of audience members (especially fathers and teachers) also showed their interest for the possible application of the documentary as an educative material for children at home and young students at school.


Dr. Peio Sanchez (left) and Vicenç Vila (right), during their speech at the introduction of 'I Believe'

The production of 'I Believe' will be terminated during the first half of 2013, in the context of the Year of the Faith.

Global3DSolutions invited to Dimension 3 PDF Print E-mail



The next June 13th, will be presented in Paris, under the 6 th edition of the International Dimension 3, the project "Recovery of the Stereoscopic Memory" that promotes our company Global3DSolutions in conjunction with the Historic Archive of the Unió Excursionista de Sabadell. The project aims to highlight through the use of new technologies the immense heritage of stereoscopic photography that remains stored in the historic archives of most of the world.

It is a living project, in permanent elaboration process, open to any suggestions, participation or contribution. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Pyrenades 2012 PDF Print E-mail


"Pyrenades 2012 is a festival in the heart of the Pyrenees, Pyrenean and workshops on how to spend Easter with family and friends in touch with nature and enjoy an exceptionally wide range of activities that will leave you free unforgettable memories of the holidays. " Manel well defined Rocher, Director Pyrenades Festival 2012 to be held in Salardú (Aran Valley, Lleida) 31 March to 7 April, organized a week, walks, lectures, film screenings Mountain, Music and Exhibition, dedicated to nature and especially Pirienus. Year with stellar activity, an exhibition on The Pyrenees depth: photography and stereoscopic 3D , "a spectacular journey between past and future, a curious bet that combines art, technology and science.

The program, organized by PyrenMuseu sponsored by the IDAP (Insitut Development and Promotion of the tourist sector) and the Council Naut Aran, in collaboration with, among others, the CITM and Global3DSolutions also encourage the Pyreneanmovement of people who initiated the conquest and discovery Pyrenean down. Century, seeking a new way to spend the holidays with family, enjoying cultural and recreational activities that help you feel the spirit of adventure and naturalist lovers Pyrenees.

The exhibition 3D is a commitment to the recovery of stereoscopic photographs of theAran Valley in the last century. Apoio be congratulated and initiatives like this can be a way to break the deadlock that is developing new technology 3D, when the public and private historical archives are full of stereoscopic images full value of photographic art and historical, such as files that have contributed with their pictures to make this exhibition possible: Pyrenmuseu himself, CEC (Mountain Center of Catalonia), theFoundation and the Hospital Benasque CITM / FUPC.

Conversations in 3D PDF Print E-mail

On 15th of December was held in the Centre Audiovisual de Granollers, the last session of the series of Conversations in 3D organized by CIDAG (Audiovisual Distribution and Research Center), session dedicated to the 3D exhibition and projects Showcase. Besides Global3DSolutions first project, "La Seu d'Egara és Bellesa", 7 other projects were presented in different styles, formats and budgets, all of a high level and quality, for example: XP 3D, the film directed by Sergi Vizcaino which premieres on December 30 to all 3D movie theaters in Spain. all the catalonian producers were invited to the event . In the pictures you can see the various speakers who participated. We hope that experiences like this are going to be repeated to help enhance and stimulate the creation of 3D content.

La Seu d'Ègara és Bellesa PDF Print E-mail


Friday, 28 October 2011

Global3DSolutions premiered in the churches of Sant Pere cultural the short film in 3D "La Seu d'Egara és Bellesa" in the presentation of the cultural project of the Church of Sant Pere that brings the same title name.

The event was chaired by the Hon. and Rt. Angel Saiz Meneses Josep, Bishop of Terrassa, and the Hon. Mr. Pere Navarro, Mayor of Terrassa and it was attended by more than one hundred people.

Terrassa City Council wants to initiate the necessary steps to officially present the candidacy of the monuments in the churches of Sant Pere ("La Seu d'Egara") to receive the cataloging of world heritage by Unesco.

The monumental site of Seu d'Egara is a witness to the history of European Christian art from its origins to the present, with elements of almost all periods that makes it unique in Europe and the world.